Saturday 03/25/2017

Eunjoo Climbing the rope.

Its here, the end of the open.  Another year done.  Get in and get it done.

Daily workout:
warm up:
5 mins of rowing at a slow pace
2 rds of
10 skap pull ups
10 russian baby makers
10 thrusters with the bar
10 Double unders

Part A  & B
10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters, 95 lb/65
35 double-unders

Friday 03/24/2017

Squats, squats, squats!

I am posting a little early, so I have no clue what 17.5 is but i guess thrusters and double unders.

If you plan on doing 17.5 take it easy on the deadlifts today.

Daily workout:
warm up:
3 minutes of Double under practice or 100 reps
2 rds
10 barbell squats
10 barbell good mornings
Static calf and ankle stretch 30 second each

Part A:
Deadlift work up to a heavy 2 RM today. Try to work up in the least amount of sets possible.

work in 3 sets of 30 banded leg extensions

Part B:
15 min AMRAP:
sled push down and back 140/90
5 pull ups

Try to get as many rounds as possible.  Rest as needed.

Thursday 03/23/17

How did everyone’s 17.4 compare to what they did last year on 16.4?


2 rounds

Bear crawl – down the turf and back

Baby-makers – 10 reps

Static forearm stretch on the floor – 30 seconds

Push-ups – 15 reps


5 rounds for quality

Handstand shoulder taps – max effort

Hollow rocks – 20 reps

Rope climb – 2 ascents


Partner workout – partners switch when both partners complete their work

6 rounds

Partner 1 – Rowing – 250 meters

Partner 2 – Ball slams – 10 reps

Wednesday 03/22/2017

Look its Jess.  Jess has made such wonderful progress this year.  Keep it up girl.

Daily workout:
Warm up:
3 rounds
10 halo’s
10 pull ups
5 inch worms hands only
Clean warm up

Part A:
In 20 minutes work up in the following complex
Power clean
Power clean
Squat clean

Try to touch and go with the power clean

Part B:
3- 4 min AMRAP’s with 2 minutes of rest between rounds
10 goblet squats
8 push ups
6 toes through rings or T2B if rings are not available

Tuesday 03/21/17

The aftermath of 17.4.  Take your time to warm-up and get ready for today.


Double-unders – 3 minutes or 100 reps

then 2 rounds

Lats on the floor – 30 seconds per side

Squat with overhead reach – 4 times per side

Handstand hold – 1 minute

Inch worms – 5 reps


Push press – 5 sets of 3 reps


5 rounds for time

10 thrusters

30 double-unders

Monday 03/20/2017

Mia Kicking ass on 17.2

Have you seen Jeremy’s latest video on 17.4. Click HERE.

Daily workout:
warm up:
20 toes to bar or 3 minutes of practice
2 rounds of
30 second plank
15 windmills
5 perfect stretches

Part A:
spend 10 minutes warming up, then every other minute for 14 minutes 3 back squats at or about 75% of your last 3RM

Part B:
Air squat
Sit up
Hand Release push ups

After ever set perform 25 Kettlbell swings @24/16 that means you perform kb swings after completing the 15’s the 12’s then 10’s and the 8’s for a total of 100 swings.

Friday 03/17/17

Craig’s own personal 17.4!  (That’s right, I’m not above stealing your facebook photos.)

If you are doing 17.4 on Saturday, obviously you should not deadlift today.  Those of you doing the open should take this day as an active recovery/prep day.  See below today’s workout for some ideas.


Row 1000 meters

THEN 2 rounds

Banded good mornings – 20 reps

Babymakers – 10 reps

Side planks – 30 seconds per side


Deadlift – work up to a heavy set of 5 reps


6 rounds

Sled – high handles/low handles

Pull-ups – 10 reps


Open prep ideas – row 55 calories at a moderate pace – get a feel for how much rowing it is.  Granted it will feel significantly different after 55 deadlifts, but that’s for Saturday.  Spend time opening up your hips and your hamstrings to prepare for the deadlifts.

Row 55 calories

3 rounds

Perfect stretch – 5 reps

Figure-4 stretch (or pigeon – your choice) – 1 minute per side

Banded hamstring stretch – 1 minute per side

Banded squat – 1 minute

Child’s pose 1 minute


Thursday 03/16/2017

Yea Mark, Get some!

We are going to revisit the press today since we were closed for most of the day Tuesday.

Daily workout:
warm up
20 toes to bar or 3 minutes of practice
2 rds
10 Empty bar press
10 skap push ups
10 Side and front delt raises with a light Dumbbell

Part A:
Push Jerk: Five sets of three, work up each set

Part B:
8 rounds of
Double Kb farmer carry down and and back turf
10 barbell push press 115/83
5 burpees

Wednesday 03/15/17

Cyris is determined to get those toes to bar.

We’re almost to the announcement of 17.4.  Any guesses?  My money is on a repeat of 16.4, but we’ll see soon enough.


Double-unders – 3 minutes or 100 reps

Squat with overhead reach – 4 times per side

Couch stretch – 1 minute per side

Inch worm – 5 reps

Push-ups – 20 reps

Clean warm-up with empty bar



Squat clean @ 50%x 10 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Squat clean @ 60% x 8 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Squat clean @ 70% x 6 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Squat clean @ 80% x 4 reps


8 minute AMRAP

Power cleans – 5 reps 135/93

Double unders – 30 reps

Tuesday 03/14/2017

Thanks Jeremy for the three videos so far, they are great.

In regards to the snow storm please watch this blog and our social media accounts for updates.

UPDATE:  The gym is CLOSED for the rest of the day.  We’ll see everyone tomorrow!

Warm Up:
Three rounds of
10 Push ups with a twist
Side plank 30 seconds
10 kosock squats

Part A:
Close grip bench: work up to a 5RM

8 minute AMRAP:
20  Elevated Barbell Push ups
10 Dummbell Rows (moderately heavy)

Part C:
Tabata Sit ups