What’s the Next Big Secret™ in fitness? The New Method For RIPPED ABZZZ in Just Minutes™? Well, the big secret is… there aren’t really any. Turns out the human body hasn’t really evolved that much since last month’s issue of your favorite fitness mag, or for at least a few thousand years, for that matter. There are thousands of voices in contemporary fitness, and unfortunately, a lot of them are just saying variations of the same things — and those things that may not work that well.

So, until we develop an extra set of legs or regrow our tails, we are going to stick with tried and true training principles that have worked to make people big, strong and jacked, ever since the barbell was invented. While that may not make an interesting cover headline or sell supplements, we believe it’s the best way to approach training. While we call them “squats” today, 100 years ago the “deep knee-bend” was working better than anything else to get people strong. While we’re not necessarily saying anything revolutionary, we hope to present the best and clearest ways to approach fitness. We want to cut through the noise, and talk about  truly effective ideas and methods.

Real fitness, the kind that will let you push your stalled car without slipping a disc, or get you out of a burning building fast, comes from training, not exercising. It isn’t accomplished with stability-ball crunches, treating middle-aged moms like they’re trying out for the Navy Seals, or those 10-mile-a-day runs that leave you wondering where the results are.

True fitness is also not that complicated: lift and carry heavy things using a few sound, simple movements, do some solid sprint work, eat real food (that means food Grandma would have recognized as edible), get plenty of sleep, and have some fun in life.